Why stay active in your own home?

Research on healthy ageing has proven that exercise is always beneficial for older people, regardless of age, health or physical ability.

However as you get older, it can become harder to exercise for a variety of reasons including illness, injury, frailty, finances and transport. That’s why the new in-home care program ‘Active at Home’ has been developed. Active at Home has been proven to make a difference to the wellbeing and health of older Australians, from the comfort of their own home.

Delivered by accredited support workers, participants who have already under taken the Active at Home program report that;

  • Their physical performance improved on average by 20%.
  • It improved their confidence and overall wellbeing along with their balance, strength and flexibility.
  • Their quality of life has become better as they are able to independently complete the tasks they desire.
  • Participants report that the program has given them the ability to get out of the house more frequently.
  • They found Active at Home helped them to practice regularly, and incorporate activity into their everyday life.

Even a little exercise can go a long way, and you are never too old or unsteady to reap the benefits. The Active at Home program includes the following types of exercise, all of which help people to continue to undertake their daily tasks independently and confidently:

  • Strength exercise – This assists in building muscle and bone, allowing participants to remain capable of performing daily activities and continue building strength in the process.
  • Aerobic exercise – This helps to keep your lungs and heart in optimal health.
  • Balance exercise – Avoid falls and make it easier to change direction. Keep confident as you move from sitting to standing.
  • Flexibility exercise – Protect your joints and allow for a good range of motion. Helps to complete daily activities such as getting dressed, walking upstairs and keep your muscles in balance.

Don’t let ageing limit your ability to continue daily tasks independently and confidently. Active at Home was developed to help keep you on your feet and regain any lost mobility, balance, strength and confidence.

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